Raimund Vogelsberger
International Environmental Consulting Services

Raimund Vogelsberger has over 35 years of professional experience in international environmental consulting, having worked globally in a wide range of topics including environmental and social due diligence (ESDD), environmental and social impact and risk assessment (ESIA), environmental and social management systems (ESMS), monitoring/reporting, solid and hazardous waste management and EHS training.  He is a trained Environmental Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Risk Analysis/Technology Assessment.

During the past 15 years, Raimund has focused mainly on services related to Project Finance of renewables, infrastructure and other large capital projects on behalf of sponsors and commercial & multilateral lenders in accordance with IFC & WorldBank standards, Equator Principles (EP), and other Lender policies. 

With his deep understanding of lender expectations and extensive technical project experience, Raimund is highly qualified to help clients manage the E&S risks related to their international projects. 


Over 35 years’ experience in wide range of sectors including power (fossil and renewables), infrastructure/transport, oil & gas and covering numerous countries across Europe, Caucasus, Americas, Asia and North Africa. 
Highly familiar with the relevant international Environmental and Social standards, such as IFC/Worldbank and Equator Principles, EBRD, EIB, KfW-DEG, and OECD Export Credit Agencies.


M.A. Technology Assessment and Risk Analysis (Renewable Energies), Clark University, USA, 1990

B.Sc. Environmental Engineering (Solid Waste and Wastewater), Penn State University, USA, 1981

Course Certificate: 5-day Leadership Skills, Boston Business School (Switzerland), 2008

Professional Affiliations and Registrations – 

IPFA - International Project Finance Association

IAIA - International Association for Impact         Assessment


English, native speaker

German, fluent

Spanish, basic

Fields of Competence:

Project Finance


M&A Due Diligence

E&S Risk Management Systems 

Training and coaching

Key Industry Sectors:




Oil & Gas

Employment History

Since April 2023 - Independent Consultant

2003-2023      ERM Germany

1991-2003      Dames & Moore/URS (later AECOM) Germany

1989-1991      Master’s Student/Freelance Consultant (USA/Germany)

1985-1989      IT Corp (later Shaw) USA

1982-1985      West VA Dept Nat’l Resources USA

Key Projects (ERM 2003-2023)

Env. and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), as well as Resettlement Action Plans (RAP), Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEP) and related documents for project finance

  • Project Director and/or Senior QC reviewer for large ESIA projects prepared to IFC/EP, EBRD or other Lender standards, eg:
    • Egypt 2000 km High-Speed Rail Project ESIA, RAP, ESMS; for Siemens-Consortium/NAT (2021-2023/ongoing)
    • Five wastewater treatment plants in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, for QGMI Construction (2021-2022)
    • SGR Electric Railway ESIA and RAPs, (>500 km), Tanzania, for Yapi-Merkezi Consortium (2018 – 2019)
    • Bakaru II Hydropower Plant -HPP (144MW), ESIA & SEP, Indonesia, for Lahmeyer-Tractebel/KfW (2017-2023)
    • Bakaru Transmission Line ESIA and RAP Indonesia, for Lahmeyer-Tractebel/KfW (2022-2023)
    • Sawangan HPP (12MW), ESIA & SEP, Indonesia, for Lahmeyer-Tractebel/KfW (2020-2022)
    • Section 8 Marmara Motorway 45km, Istanbul, Turkey, ESIA & SEP, for JV Meridiam-Rönesanse/EBRD, (2020-2023)
    • Siemens “Megaproject” 14 GW at three large CCGT power plants in Egypt, ESIA; for Siemens and EEHC (2013-2018)
    • Lot1-Tema 80km Motorway, ESIA and RAP Framework, Ghana, for INZAG (2020-ongoing)
    • Stadium Completion Yaounde, ESIA & SEP, Cameroon, for MAGIL Construction (2020-2022)
    • Airport Connection Road, Libreville, ESIA, RAP & SEP, Gabon, for ARISE IIP (2020-2022)
    • Canakkale Motorway (90 km + Dardanelles Bridge (2023 m span, world’s longest), Turkey, ESIA and SEP, for Yapi-Merkezi Consortium
    • 400 km Gebze-Izmir Motorway-Bridge project, for OTOYOLAS, Turkey
    • Eurasia Tunnel at Bosporus, Istanbul, for AVRASYA Tuneli A.S., Turkey
    • Proposed 500 MW KRPP Lignite Power Plant, Kosovo (2018-2019 - cancelled)
    • Holcim/Garadagh Cement plant and quarry, Garadagh, Azerbaijan; ESIA and construction monitoring/reporting to EBRD
    • Kandym Gas-field expansion Project (incl. pipeline), Western Uzbekistan, ESIA and SEP, for Lukoil International
    • 1800 km TANAP/SOCAR TransAnatolian Pipeline Project, Turkey, ESIA & Project Finance advisor to TANAP
    • Karaburun Windfarm Project, ESIA and SEP, Western Turkey, for Lodos/KfW
    • Kakhovka Hydropower Project, ESIA and SEP, Ukraine, for Fichtner International/EBRD
    • Zaporiszhja – Kakhovka Power Trans. Line, Ukraine, for Ukrenergo, for Mercados/EBRD
    • Tbilisi Railway Bypass, Georgia, EBRD.


  • Project Director for Resettlement Plans (RAP) and Livelihood Restoration Plans (LRP), eg:
    • Geita-Nyakanazi Transmission Line (RAP), Tanzania, for TANESCO/KfW
    • Lekhnath-Damauli TL (RAP), Nepal, for NEA-Tractebel/KfW
    • Verbena Power TL (RAP), Turkey, for Verbena/EBRD
    • Gebze-Izmir Motorway (LACRP), Turkey, for OTOYOLAS
    • Confidential Project Blue (LACRP), China
    • SGR Electric Railway (RAP and LRP), Tanzania, for Yapi-Merkezi Consortium/EP-financers


  • Technical Advisor–QA/QC on major projects eg:
    • ESIA of PV project in Malawi, for ibvogt/EP-financers
    • ESIA for Eastmed Off-Onshore Gas Pipeline, Greece and Cyprus, for EASTMED Consortium
    • Supplemental studies for the re-routing of the TAP gas pipeline, Albania, for TAP (KfW and other lenders)
    • ESIA of large O&G production field of Achimgaz/Wintershall in Siberia, for Wintershall JV
    • ESIA Scoping survey for offshore O&G production, Romanian Black Sea Region (confidential)
    • ESIA for PPP Hospital Projects in Turkey at Etlik-Ankara, Gaziantep and Ikitelli-Istanbul, several sponsors/EP-finance
    • ESIA input for KomOmbo CSP Solar-Thermal Project, Egypt, for EcoConserve/African Development Bank (project cancelled)


Environmental & Social Due Diligence (ESDD) / Project Finance & Monitoring

  • Responsible for ERM’s Framework Contract with the KfW to provide wide-ranging global support on pre-investment project assessment (4-year contracts awarded three times, ongoing) - over 100 individual assessments involving transport, power, manufacturing and other sectors (confidential)
  • Directed and conducted numerous E&SDD, Project Finance and Compliance projects at 100’s of industrial sites across Europe, Africa and Eurasia/CIS across many branches/sectors
  • Recent ESDD and Advisory projects to international standards eg:
    • 300 MW PV project, Sicily
    • Gas-Turbine expansions, Former Soviet Union
    • FSRU projects, Greece and Cyprus
    • Geothermal Facilities, Ethiopia
    • Two Windfarm sites (confidential), Ukraine
    • Windfarm site, Ghana
    • Windfarm Substation and Transmission Lines, Pakistan
    • Transgaz BRUA Pipeline, Romania
    • Nabucco Gas Pipeline (project cancelled)
    • Polski LNG Terminal and pipeline, Poland
    • Gas-Pak LNG Terminal, Pakistan
    • ArcelorMittal steelworks expansion, Brasil
    • Voskhod Chrome Mine Project, Kazakhstan
    • Amasra Coal Mine Project, Turkey
    • Caldag Nickel Mine Project, Turkey
    • Bandirma Port privatisation, Turkey
    • Uralkali Potash Mine expansion, Russia
    • Lengarica Small Hydro-Power Project, Albania
    • Prell Small Hydro-Power Project, Albania
    • Portfolio of several Hydropower projects for the GET-FiT Programme of KfW, Uganda
    • Confidential Windfarm portfolio in Poland
    • Yerementau Windfarm, Kazakhstan


  • Monitoring Assignments for:
    • Portfolio of 10 PV facilities, Peru (DEG)
    • Lengarica Small HPP, Albania (Finance in Motion)
    • Voskhod Chrome Mine, Kaz (EBRD)
    • Windfarm, Ukraine (for KfW)
    • Holcim Cement, Azerbaijan (EBRD)


  • Project Director or Lead QA/QC role for several major studies related to IPOs/spin-offs, eg:
    • Comprehensive assessment of the huge portfolio of mining and metallurgy plants for the IPO of the Kazakh firm ENRC, and input to the Info Memorandum/IPO Prospectus
    • Vendor due diligence of over 60 global chemical manufacturing sites of Bayer for the spinoff to create Lanxess, including compilation of electronic data room and input to the Info Memorandum/Prospectus


  • Directed environmental and technical assessments of large real estate portfolios in Germany, including use of innovative data-gathering and advanced statistical modelling techniques, as well as preparation of virtual datarooms.
  • Prepared Blue Print study for managing E&S issues during privatization of lignite power and mine sector in Turkey (WorldBank).


 ESMS and Risk Management Systems 

  • Project Director/Partner-in-Charge for following projects:
    • Package of Mgmt Plans for ESMS of Mid-East renewables developer (PV and windpower)
    • Global Framework contract for DEG to support about 12 Finance-Intermediary partners in establishing a bespoke ESMS in a 5-step process.
    • Four projects involving E&S risk management for Policy-Based Lending for countries in Caucasus and Mediterranean Region.
    • Two projects for FiM/GGF supporting commercial banks in Albania and Turkey on establishing E&S risk management procedures for loans to renewable energy sector, with associated training of staff.
    • TA programme of KfW to support the Indian Renewable Energies Development Agency IREDA, E&S Component, on funding of renewable energy projects by implementing a comprehensive "universal ESMS" to satisfy all relevant lender requirements.
    • TA programme of DEG to support a German windfarm company in development and global rollout of risk management and ESMS for new projects.
    • Numerous assignments related to support of Financial Intermediaries in developing ESMS to meet donor funding requirements (eg IFC stds). 


Waste Management 

  • Project Director for 6-year assignment to support the Egyptian Ministry of Environment in rolling out the National Solid Waste Mgmt Plan
  • Project Director or Lead QA/QC for Integrated Solid Waste Mgmt Plans on behalf of KfW:
    • Albania, Vlora Landfill Feasibility Project, 
    • Armenia, Vanazdor Landfill Feasibility Project, 
    • Azerbaijan, Ganja Landfill Feasibility Study, 
    • Georgia, Kutaisi Landfill Feasibility and Implementation Consulting (2016-ongoing),
    • Indonesia, Consultation on regional levels on Advanced Waste Treatment Mgmt.,
    • Nepal, Feasibility Study for Recycling of Used Lead-Acid Batteries, 
    • Palestine (for WorldBank), Beneficiary Impact Assessment of Hebron Landfill,   
    • South Africa, Support to DEA authority for advanced waste management in two regions


Training/Trainer Experience

  • Project Director and trainer on EBRD policies to local consultants in Jordan and Egypt. 
  • Developed and conducted 1-3 day training sessions on IFC/Equator Principles to various clients, eg:
    • Credit teams of EU-wide Commercial bank at branches in Austria, Germany, and Italy,
    • Senior managers of a large German utility,
    • Swiss-based private investment firm,
    • EHS teams of a German-based O&G firm,
  • Served as trainer for ERM’s internal 2-3 day training programme for Environmental Assessment and Auditing, numerous sessions 2003-2010 in France, Germany, Spain, and UK.

Key Projects (Dames & Moore/ URS 1991-2003)

  • Numerous ESDD assignments across former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, on behalf of EBRD, IFC and other western lenders and privatisation agencies (eg iron and steel works, refineries, upstream O&G fields, heavy manufacturing)
  • Country-coordinator for D&M services in Poland and Czech Republic
  • Conceptual design and EIA/ permitting of a hazardous waste landfill, Alexandria Egypt (financed by KfW).
  • Team leader for ISO 14001 EMS at oil-field and refinery operations in Europe and Russia, including TACIS Project for Russian O&G Sector.
  • Policy study for EBRD on remediation of O&G facilities in Poland and waste treatment options.
  • ESDD and ESIA of KazGerMunai oil-field project in Kazakhstan.
  • Trainer for 3-day sessions on compliance with US-AHERA Asbestos management.


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